Model Robyn Lawley Attacks the Thigh Gap

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October 30, 2013 by gabnormal

Plus-sized model Robyn Lawley let everyone know exactly what she thinks of the dreaded yet highly desired thigh gap via an op-ed for the Daily Beast.

For those who don’t know, the thigh gap is exactly what you’d think it is. A gap wide enough between your legs that your thighs never touch when standing normally or walking. Anatomically speaking, thigh gaps are genetically predetermined; if you weren’t born with one and try to obtain one, you will more than likely have to achieve an unhealthy weight to do so.

GCR’s founder almost had a thigh gap. Once. When she was 19 and had shrunk to 115 lbs. from her normal, healthy weight of 135. It wasn’t all that great.

Lawley talks of the scary side of “thinspiration,” and the numerous negative effects it has on body image.

She goes more in depth with “The truth is I couldn’t care less about needing a supposed “thigh gap.” It’s just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body. Why would I want to starve and weaken my natural body size? I’m not saying women who have it naturally are unattractive. But I would have to change my entire frame just to achieve something that seems so trivial.”

Check out the rest of Lawley’s op-ed, Why the Dangerous “Thigh Gap” Trend Makes Me Mad and get a model’s perspective on what seemingly everyone wants.

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