Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife, Because New Zealand’s “Roast Busters” Are Raping Everybody Out Here

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November 8, 2013 by gabnormal


The only thing that’s not funny about this headline is that it’s true.

A group of teen boys – one being the son of Anthony Ray Parker of The Matrix fame, the other being the son of a man high in law enforcement (police officials deny this), among others – have turned rape into a game and a challenge that they seek to win on a regular basis in West Auckland.

Confused? Here’s how it breaks down. For weekend jollies, instead of going over friends houses, going to the movies or doing whatever else it is teens do these days, these fine young gentlemen go around finding young girls, sometimes underage, to pick up, feed alcohol, and then gang rape. This is what they do for fun.

Wanna know how it’s obvious that they do this for fun? They even had a Facebook page (which was recently [see:finally] removed) that not only detailed the boys exploits but also shamed every single girl that they raped. This included posting videos of the rapings which, did we mention that the police did *nothing* about this?

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott said this, “None of the girls have been brave enough to make formal statements to us so we can take that to a prosecution stage.”


Obviously the girls are all fearful of repercussions, because up and until this point the boys have gotten away with their actions in addition to the incident where another girl phoned into a radio station to call the boys out and instead of being backed up the radio station tore her apart as well.

P.S. Aren’t you the police? Wasn’t there graphic evidence RIGHT ON A PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE up and until very recently? Let’s not forget to mention that the only reason the page was taken down is because three local news sources have gone after the boys and their actions.

So far no charges have been made, but we can only hope that justice will be served.


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