Bay Area Genderqueer Teen’s Skirt Lit on Fire by Homophobe, Mom Swears He’s a “Good Kid”

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November 11, 2013 by gabnormal

luke-fleischman_244x183This is what went down, an 18-year-old named Luke Fleischman fell asleep on a bus. He was wearing a kilt. He is also genderqueer (i.e. he doesn’t identify as male or female, he just is, and therefore will be referred to as “they” for the rest of this story). Fleischman prefers to be called Sasha. Sasha is also an activist for for legal recognition of non-binary gender. They also had their kilt lit on fire by a homophobic asshole who admitted to being homophobic. Unfortunately, Sasha has suffered third degree burns, but has already been able to raise $20,000 through a fund their cousin set up to cover surgery costs.

16-year-old Richard Thomas, who set fire to Sasha admitted to police that he did it because he’s homophobic, but his mother swears “He’s not homophobic. He’s a kid. Kids joke around.”

Really??? Setting fire to another human being is a joke now. Cool. Glad to know.

This mothers response is part of what causes atrocities such as what happened to Sasha to keep happening.

“It was just a joke.” “Boys will be boys.” “Oh, you know how girls are.” “They’re just kids.”

Fuck.No. Just being a kid does not involve lighting people on fire. It also does not involve lighting someone on fire out of a deep hatred for something that you don’t understand.

This response, this brushing off of serious and violent acts is part of what causes them to keep happening. And it happens not only with minors but with everyone. The sooner we stop making excuses for people and start holding them accountable for being assholes, the better.

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