Miley Cyrus Is Boring

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November 11, 2013 by gabnormal


Everyone can’t stop talking about Miley Cyrus. Our only question is, why?

Most people focus on Cyrus’ “shock value.” Her twerking, her cutting off all her hair, her breakup from Liam Hemsworth, and now after the MTV European Music Awards, her smoking a joint on stage after accepting the award for Best Video (which, by the way, we really wish Kanye had been there to say something about it.)

In reality, Cyrus’ behavior is not impressive. It’s not shocking. Everyone dances provocatively. Everyone smokes weed, especially in Amsterdam where the Awards were held. She’s not doing a good job at removing herself from her Disney image, she’s just doing what a normal 20-year-old does, except she’s doing it under a microscope.

Her actions have absolutely no substance or meaning, which makes them utterly boring. She’s not Marilyn Manson who ripped pages out of a bible on stage and she’s not Motley Crue who cut the head off of a mannequin rendition of Wendy O Williams (Vince hated her or something). Smoking weed, twerking, cutting off all your hair and going through a rough breakup are completely normal for someone who is 20 years old. We’re not impressed. We’re bored.

What everyone should be talking about is how Cyrus is so incredibly racist but seems to get away with it without anyone giving a second glance. Her MTV VMA performance of “We Can’t Stop” where she treated a black dancer like a piece of meat is just one illustration of her ignorance to race relations. Not to mention the fact that she continuously says that she has gone wild by doing things typically associated with black culture. Twerking being the main thing.

She’s not shocking. She’s not talented. And she’s racist.

We’re over it. Who’s next?


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