Renisha McBride Death Ruled a Homicide

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November 13, 2013 by gabnormal

renisha-mcbrideThe recent murder of 19-year-old Renisha McBride was ruled a homicide by a Michigan medical examiner.

Following a car crash in the suburb of Dearborn Heights, McBride was disoriented and although she was already being helped by another woman went to the door of a 54-year-old man to get help. The man then shot McBride in the face with a shotgun, killing her on his front porch.

The name of the man has yet to be released, and prosecutors are still reviewing the case to determine if they will be pressing charges against the man.

Why they need to review a case that has already been determined to be a homicide to determine if they will be pressing charges is beyond me.

It’s worthwhile to make note of the fact that McBride was black, and the man who committed the murder is white. Many are fearing that Michigan’s Stand Your Ground law will protect the resident, however that may prove difficult as McBride was shot and killed on his front porch and had yet to even enter the house.

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