One-Child Policy Reformed in China

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November 15, 2013 by gabnormal

New policies in China have made it so that families can have more than one child, however there are still some limitations. Urban parents can have two children as long as one of the two parents is an only child.

The reform to this policy comes after the big scare of overpopulation, which has left China with an aging population and an extreme gender imbalance between the younger generations. Many families preferred boys to girls as boys are the ones who would carry on the family name. This led to an untold amount of female babies who were abandoned by their parents, since families were only allowed to have one child. Not to mention all the cases of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization that have affected so many women in China.

Human rights activists say that the policy needs to be abolished altogether, and that the changes made to it were not done as a means to prevent citizens from the pain generated by the policy, but instead were done mostly for demographic reasons.

The one-child policy has also caused issues with population replacement. Despite the fact that overpopulation may be a real problem in China, there still needs to be a certain amount of re-population in order to create a population who can work and keep the economy moving.

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