Mormon Women Bare Challenges Churches Views on Modesty

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December 2, 2013 by gabnormal

Photographer Katrina Barker Anderson is a Mormon woman looking to change the churches views on modesty. As she so eloquently explained, “Women around the world deal with objectification, body shame, and the burden of the male gaze. Mormon women have an added layer of complexity and heavy expectations: while being warned against becoming “walking pornography,” we also face immense pressure to be attractive and fit. We must both attract and protect against male desire. Even though Mormonism teaches us our destiny is to become like our embodied Heavenly Parents, the hyper-focus on modesty leaves many of us feeling disconnected and ambivalent about our bodies.”

To fight this objectification and paradox regarding women’s bodies, Anderson has decided to start photographing women nude in classy, modest poses, showing that the naked body is nothing to be ashamed of.

Check out her amazing work here. (NSFW).

She also includes short written works from the women she photographed, which she feels “would help put the viewer in a position of empathy and compassion, instead of critique and objectification.”

We totally agree.

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