What’s Your Excuse: The Battle of the Bodies

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December 4, 2013 by gabnormal


Ever since Maria Kang posted her “What’s Your Excuse?” image on the internet, the battle between fit bodies, fat bodies and post-baby bodies has had everybody throwing their two cents in on the debate. (See what we did there??)

Puns aside, this entire debacle is not only annoying, but incredibly damaging to every type of body in that there is no way to escape the shame that is being put on everyone for either being too thin, too fat, too thin too quickly or too fat for too long. It seems that no one has a perfect or desirable body, because no one has gotten by without having something said about them.

Fit body after having three kids? You’re a bad mom. Fat body? You’re lazy and not healthy and should be ashamed of yourself. Just had a baby? If you bounce back after four days (which we’re questioning the validity of, is it even physically possible?) you’re a freak and fuck you because practically no other woman is capable of doing it, and if you keep the baby weight on for more than a month you’re a complete failure and why can’t you lose all the weight while also going through numerous other changes in your post-baby body while also keeping house and making sure other obligations are kept up with? Oh and don’t forget about that newborn that’s taking up space now too.

The constant judgement passed on new mothers is one of the most damaging forms of body-shaming. These women have just had a baby, which is a huge life changer in and of itself, not only in the way that they now have another life to take care of, but in the myriad body changes that affect a woman’s health and self-esteem. Cut them a break. Seriously. If you are a woman and have kids you should be supportive of new mothers and not tear them down for not bouncing back four days after birth (we’re still wondering if it’s a hoax), and if you don’t have kids then you should definitely keep your mouth shut.

I don’t remember when anyone was given the authority to comment negatively or positively on a body other than their own, which is why we should stop. Personal opinions are perfectly okay, I know I have my own, but I also know that another persons body and the shape that it’s in is relative to their own life experiences and situation at a given time, so I keep my opinions to myself. Does anyone else, besides my doctor, have the right to comment on how big my thighs are compared to my tiny waist, or the circumference of my arms to the extra weight on my stomach? No. They don’t. Which in turn means that I don’t have the right to do so to anyone else.

Frankly, bodies are no ones business besides the person they belong to, and many people seem to have forgotten that.

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