Gay NJ Ex-Waitress Backpedals on False Claims of Anti-Gay Message

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December 11, 2013 by gabnormal


Dayna Morales was a waitress in New Jersey who recently lost her job after making claims that a family left an anti-gay message on a receipt, without a tip, no less!

The doctored receipt had a line through the spot where a tip is supposed to be left, with a message saying that the family did not agree with her lifestyle, and therefore felt the need not to tip her.

Since then Morales began collecting donations to give to the Wounded Warrior Project, a project that helps war veterans, since Morales is a former Marine.

More recently a family has come out saying that not only did they tip Morales with $18 for a $93 bill, they did not leave the hateful message either.

Following the family’s statement, refunds have been made to people who have sent money to Morales, further proving that her claims were false. Her now previous employer, Gallup Asian Bistro, has fired Morales, while it has also been revealed that she has never served in Afghanistan, as she had claimed, and was dishonorably discharged from the Marines for consistently missing drills.

Way to go, Dayna Morales. Way to go.


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