Mary Barra Conquers Male-Dominated Car Industry; Named CEO of GM

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December 13, 2013 by gabnormal

GM-Motors-Mary-Barra-618-412Just so that everyone knows, cars are officially no longer made just for boys.

Mary Barra was just named the CEO of General Motors, the automobile giant that has ruled the car-making industry for just about forever. Although she may not be the first lady to run a major corporation, she is the first to take over what has definitely been labeled a boys club from day one.

Everything from Hot Wheels to NASCAR has been geared towards the male population. Not only that, but it’s effectively cut out the female population in doing so. Making Barra the CEO will not only change the gender landscape of the car industry, it’s going to boost its revenue as well, by gearing ads and products towards women, the demographic that has been ignored for so long.

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