Super-Actress Geena Davis Solves the Gender Crisis in Film in Two Easy Steps

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December 13, 2013 by gabnormal


Originally appearing in The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 issue, Geena Davis breaks it down, quite literally and simply, how to fix the incredibly amount of sexism in the movie industry.

Movies and film, the images bombarded at us on a regular basis, often portray women taking up a smaller space that they do in real life. In film, female presence is often capped at 17%, while we make up half the worlds population.

Davis’ first step in making Hollywood less sexist involves changing a bunch of characters to female names. The second step involves making sure that crowd scenes are half female, because as she says, “That may seem weird, but I promise you, somehow or other on the set that day the crowd will turn out to be 17 percent female otherwise.”

Read the full process here, I assure you it isn’t long, sums up everything quite nicely, and with any luck will make a difference in what we see, on screen and off.

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