Twitter Backpedals Following Block Feature Backlash

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December 16, 2013 by gabnormal


So for about .5 seconds Twitter removed their original block feature, replacing it with something totally stupid all in the name of openness.

Instead of being able to block someone from seeing your tweets, being able to tweet you, retweet you and interact with you as much as they like, the new block function simply removed the offender from your feed. So, they could still harass you as much as possible, it would still be out there possibly damaging your reputation, and you wouldn’t see it immediately. Instead you would have to search out the offending tweets.

Also, if you wanted to keep your profile public but still prevent anyone from harassing you, you would have to report them as spam and hope that they get removed from the site for good.

Twitter said that in changing the block feature they were attempting at creating a more “open” atmosphere, but instead they were causing a chilling effect by forcing people to make their profiles private if they were in a situation of having to avoid someone on the internet.

This new feature only lasted a moment as Twitter received an incredible amount of backlash (duh) and quickly changed the feature back to its original mode of operation.

Thank God.

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