Republicans Think Santa is White, Everyone Else Doesn’t Care What Race He Is

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December 20, 2013 by gabnormal

A study done by the Huffington Post and YouGov shows that many democrats and independents don’t care what race Santa is, but republicans do, by just a little bit more.

Essentially the poll, which took into account numerous factors including race, age, etc, shows that republicans do prefer their Santa to be white, even if it’s by a small margin.

Everyone else either doesn’t give a fuck, or a very small portion of those polled (4 percent) wish Santa was portrayed as a race other than white.

This study calls to mind the most recent Fox News drama, where anchorwoman Megyn Kelly posited that Santa is white, because he just is. Oh, and so is Jesus.

Let’s keep in mind we’re talking about a fictional man who rides a sleigh led by flying reindeer. And the other one we’re not so sure about his existence either. (Well we’re sure that a man named Jesus existed at that time, and he was probably a very good man, but did he heal the blind and whatever else the Bible says? We’re not so sure).

Anyway. Above you’ll find the edited clip that includes Kelly’s apology, from Fox News. Below, you’ll find Jon Stewart’s hilarious response to the entire thing, which includes the part where Kelly talks about comfort, which is ridiculously ironic and funny on the surface, but deeply troubling when you think about it.

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