PSA: Stop Using the Word “Gay” to Describe Things That You Think are Stupid

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January 6, 2014 by gabnormal

This is just a friendly reminder to all the fools who use the word gay to describe something that they think is dumb. Stop doing it. Now.

Using gay in these terms automatically means that you are equating homosexuality with something that is stupid, dumb, or the like, or to qualify something that you don’t like.

If you find yourself doing this but have absolutely no problems with the LGBT community, here is a list of words you can use instead.

  • stupid
  • foolish
  • silly
  • unintelligent
  • boneheaded
  • dumb
  • slow
  • idiotic
  • dimwitted
  • moronic

And our favorite,

  • pea-brained

If you don’t like gay people, then it might make sense to continue to use gay as a negative descriptor, but I’ll let you know right now we don’t like you and no, you can’t sit with us.


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