Katie Couric Really Asked Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera About Their “Private Parts”

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January 8, 2014 by gabnormal

Through the thinly veiled excuse that cis-gendered people are uneducated and want to know more about those who are transgender, Katie Couric committed journalistic and social suicide Monday during an interview with transgender women, Elite model Carmen Carrera and actress of Orange is the New Black fame, Laverne Cox.

Couric stumbled through the interview during round 1 with Carrera when she asked about the “plastic” surgery (it’s actually called reassignment surgery, Katie, do your research) the model has had, whether it’s painful (um…duh? Like you wouldn’t already know…) and whether Carrera’s “private parts are different now.”

Pro tip: don’t ever ask an interviewee about their genitals.

Couric obviously didn’t get the hint, even though she clearly stated that Carrera “recoiled” during the first segment, when she continued the interview by asking Cox a similar question about her own genitals. Cox dropped mad knowledge on the unbelievably rude interviewer with facts and stats about the transgender community, especially when it comes to trans women of color.

Classy Ladies of the Year Award goes to Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera. Considering it’s only one week into the new year we can only wait to see what amazing stuff they bring us next.

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