Aerie’s Ad Campaign, The Real You Is Sexy, Absolutely Made My Day

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January 22, 2014 by gabnormal



Preppy, overpriced clothing giant American Eagle has a lingerie store called Aerie. I love Aerie because they seem to be the anti-Victoria’s Secret, rather than the poor-woman’s Victoria’s Secret.

The reason for this is that Aerie doesn’t have stupid fashion shows with stupid supermodels that wear RIDICULOUSLY priced underwear all while creating a standard of beauty that makes almost every other woman in the female population who sees these things hate herself.

Aerie’s models are more on the cute side. They remind me of that time I had to go shopping for my first bra. Innocence isn’t the word I’m looking for. It’s more like realistic. Although they do have better bodies than most, they never looked fake to the point of making me upset about my own body.

This is why I buy my underwear at Aerie. Is it still too expensive? Yes. I still think that $50 for a bra is too much. But unlike Victoria’s Secret, the MOST expensive item you find in Aerie is $50, whereas VS price point STARTS at $50 (I’m talking primarily bras here).

Yesterday I got an ad thing in the mail with a coupon for 25% off my next purchase at Aerie. But what made me feel better than the thought that feeding my underwear addiction was imminent was what their new ad campaign is all about. Right there on the front, addressed directly to me, it says, “Hey Gabi, Get real this Valentine’s Day! No Supermodels, No Retouching, Because… The Real You Is Sexy.”

I love this. I love this. I love this.

I can’t say “I love this” enough times to really convey just how much I love this campaign.

For those who don’t believe that the models aren’t retouched, check out the bit of extra weight seen on some models that makes them look healthy and un-model like. Pay close attention to the sagging belly buttons on models who are laying on their sides, those navels usually stay tight and centered on retouched photos. Also take a look at, probably most importantly, models laying on their backs. Their breasts fall back into their bodies, because, you know, gravity and whatnot, rather than staying full and pushed up to their chins like the do in spreads that have been heavily Photoshopped.



I’ll just go ahead and say this again. Aerie always made me feel good in my own body when I walked into their stores, and now I love them even more.

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