Coca-Cola Sticks to It’s Super Bowl Game Day Ad In Spite of #SpeakAmerican

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February 5, 2014 by gabnormal

In case you haven’t seen the new Coke commercial that has millions screaming #SpeakAmerican, here it is.

The backlash to this has been enormous, with many using the Speak American hashtag to illustrate not only their intolerance but their ignorance and lack of education. Don’t they teach you in elementary school that America is a melting pot?

Anyway. While trying not to waste time by pointing out the problems that exist with this form of backlash, we’d just like to say kudos to Coke for sticking to their original ad. We don’t think this is a corporate ploy, and we’re pretty sure it’s Coke’s – which is an iconic American brand, for those who have forgotten – way of showing people what the United States actually is.



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