It Only Took 10 Years But Facebook Finally Added More Gender Options


February 21, 2014 by gabnormal

Following Facebook’s 10th birthday, the social media behemoth changed their settings so that there is somewhere in the realm of 50 gender options for people to choose from.

There is no drop down menu, just a blank field that you start typing in so it’s hard to say exactly how many options there are.

So far there’s been a few people who seem to really appreciate Facebook’s move towards being more gender inclusive, but many have only voiced complaints about the change.

Some feel that more than 50 options is not enough, and that although Facebook worked with groups like GLAAD to come up with the list it does not include every gender option that it should. Others, like Jane Fae, think that Facebook should remove all gender options because all it does it hurt women.

We have a problem with that one. Gender identity is a huge part of a persons identity as a whole even if they choose not to specifically identify. Yes, gender roles play a big part in many of the problems women face (duh) but that does not mean we eliminate them entirely. Gender, or deciding not to have a gender, is too big a part of who we are as people to just get rid of, even if it’s for an online persona.


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