President Obama Wants You to Have Easy Internet Access

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January 14, 2015 by gabnormal

With the FCC voting on Net Neutrality next month, President Barack Obama has decided to address the issue of broadband access today, and next week in his State of the Union Address.

Obama is taking a trip to Cedar Falls, Iowa, a town that has faster internet speeds than major US cities like New York and Los Angeles, to show what a thriving internet market looks like.

In a statement, the White House said that Obama is looking for an end to regulations that, “limit the range of options available to communities to spur expanded local broadband infrastructure, including ownership of networks.” With faster speeds and lower costs in mind, the White House intends to file a letter with the FCC that would end the restrictions in 19 states that it believes are holding back broadband access and advancement.

Besides being incredibly annoying, like when you’re waiting for Netflix to buffer or that cute cat meme isn’t loading, slow internet speeds make us as a country less economically competitive. With everything done through some form of technology, how else can you keep up with banking, the news and just about everything else if you are stuck with slow internet speeds that may eventually block access?

Tuesday, January 20th, the President will deliver his State of the Union Address where he will address issues involving the internet while also asking the federal government to do more to safeguard data, from both hackers and advertisers alike.



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