Clueless White Models Sport Forever21 “Straight Outta Compton” Fashion Line

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September 27, 2013 by gabnormal


You won’t find Forever21’s line of rap icon emblazoned shirts in stores or on the company’s website anymore.

After the chain store put the line out on its website, Twitter and the rest of the internet exploded in criticism, our only guess is because of the models wearing the shirts.

The shirts themselves aren’t the problem, despite what a few may think. The problem lies in the fact that Forever21, along with many other areas of the fashion world, have remained completely clueless to where images like these come from and consistently refuse to use models of color in their advertising, websites and fashion shows.

More than likely, these models have no idea who Ice Cube or N.W.A. are, nor have they ever actually been to Compton. This is obviously an assumption, but historically Compton has been seen as a black neighborhood, one that is also riddled with crime and gang violence. This other historic assumption is that white people have no idea what goes on in Compton and areas like it, and therefore should not try to associate themselves with something they know nothing about.

If Forever21 had included black models wearing the shirts on their website they might have been able to avoid the backlash. But, just as with most of the fashion world, they forged ahead without seeing just what was wrong with their site.


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